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Game playEdit

Once started, the player is given own land with a castle and some initial gold and honor. The player can now build and upgrade buildings and buy units and weapons.

Buildings provide either income, access to army unit types, or different types of bonuses (construction, reduced casualties, fighting). There are also defense buildings.

Gold also can be used to buy an adjacent parcel of land and earned buy visiting allied kingdoms ($25 per ally and day).


The player's hero can be sent to several maps, where she can fight monsters to earn gold and honor (for a kill and by completing related quests). The hero can be equipped with hero weapons and has a very simple exercise system: the more hero strength points, the more damage she can inflict (which is furthermore improved by hero weapons).

Attacking monsters reduces energy. Once for the hit itself (as shown at the monster's properties), and an additional amount depending on the monster in case it survives and successfully strikes back (misses should increase with a better hero defense). Energy is refilled by time (3/minute) and refilled completely by level up. Gems can be used to buy energy (1000 energy for 20 gems). The total amount of energy a hero can hold depends only on the player's level.


A player can attack other players by either selecting one from the fight list directly ("attack") or travel to their kingdom first ("invade", which allows to check for the other player's attack/defense) and attack its hero. Buildings can also be attacked (up to three times each).

The reward for an attack is always

  • honor (1 up to more than 20),

and depending on the target also

  • gold
    • 10% of gold not protected in vault (player attack) or
    • around 20% of a buildings income (building attack)
  • army units (player attack)
  • stones (player attack; building attack?)
  • LTQ items (player attack)

A player's attack and defense strength is calculated mostly from her army and includes army unit strength and army equipment. The size of the player's army is derived directly from the player's alliance size (x3 = maximum number of units). The hero attributes attack and defense are also related to this calculation, but contribute only a little to nothing at all.

A player can attack as long as there is stamina left. Stamina regenerates at a rate of one per 3 minutes, up to the maximum derived from the hero's stamina skill.


A player can apply for a guild. A guild grants bonuses (for which the guild members have contributed gold before), and has an own guild chat.


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